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WITH EMILY YACINA, Trackstar, Shlee
VENUE: the karma bird house [47 Maple street, burlington, vt]
AGES: aa
DOORS: 7:30
SHOW: 8:00
CURFEW: 11:00

TICKETS: bit.ly/yohunavt
RSVP: bit.ly/yohunafb



Mirroring by Yohuna is set to release on June 7, 2019 by Orchid Tape and Fear of Missing Out. As a songwriter and producer, Johanne Swanson—who performs as Yohuna—maintains a masterful ability to distill chaos into calm; to contemplate the more challenging and messy matters of heart and mind with a self-assured deadpan stare and pointed stillness. Whereas her previous work centered layers of synthesizer, Mirroring was written entirely on guitar, giving her new songs a sense of catharsis and physicality. And while her debut, 2016's Patientness, was a culmination of several formative years spent in flux, a document of coming and going, Mirroring is different: it has a set place and a time. Swanson wrote these intimate songs quickly in one purge in her bedroom in Brooklyn. When her roommate, Eric Littmann (Julie Byrne, Vagabon, Phantom Posse) heard her writing and recording them from the other side of his bedroom wall, he approached her to collaborate. Littmann ultimately co-produced, engineered, and mixed the record, alongside contributions from Adelyn Strei (guitar, flute), Warren Hildebrand (guitar) and many more friends. The results are some of Swanson's most sweeping arrangements to date, with cello riffs that sing like a grounding human voice, harp and trombone, drums that push her loudest hooks yet forward.


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To listen to Philadelphia-native Emily Yacina is to tear a page from her diary. The young artist has been writing and recording intimate songs at home since the age of 16, a practice that has built a cult following of her extensive self-released discography. Her sound is distinctly ethereal, marked by signature layered vocals, warbling synths, intricate chord progressions, and dizzying ambiance, as if the listener is invited into her very own dream state.


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Indie-rock reporting live from the nosebleeds. </3




Written while living alone in Stockholm, her self-produced songs with melancholic tone and ethereal pop cadence are made to soundtrack those rare moments when persistent sadness is layered with an intoxicating desire to dance. This self-prescribed “crying in the club” sound mimics the complexity of that emotional state with the deep, dimensional production that comprises her cloud-like ep.