Songs Of Our Youth: Barrie


Barrie is a Brooklyn-based dream pop outfit that —seemingly out of nowhere — burst onto our feeds with major press features, spots on Spotify playlists & support slots on cool tours. The buzz was due to a string of hot singles in 2018 featuring their signature syrupy sweet, nostalgic sound. At times Barrie’s music sort of feels like the endearing parts of adolescence — or at least a glossy, cinematically glorified interpretation. But behind the music, the band has a really charming backstory. Each member is from a different place on the globe and found each other in New York City. In some instances they connected by total happenstance —with one member even being recruited to play in the band through Tinder.

They’ve only been playing together for just over a year, but we already really love Barrie and we’re highly anticipating their debut LP Happy To Be Here which comes out May 3, 2019 via Winspear. On Thursday, February 28th, 2019, the group is making a stop in Vermont to play “Somebody Told Me” — a WRUV FM benefit & 2000s indie themed party at Club Metronome. Since the event is meant to inspire nostalgia for the decade that brought blog music into the mainstream, we figured we’d get to know the band a bit better by finding out what they listened to in their teens. Check out their “Songs Of Our Youth” playlist and read on about their experiences with the tracks below.

Barrie: Sufjan Stevens - “The Tallest Man, the Broadest Shoulders”

Sufjan Stevens was and is a huge deal for me. I spent a lot of high school trying to write a song like something off Illinoise.

Spurge: Justice - “Phantom Pt. 1”

This is the first song that opened my ears to critical listening and prompted me to become an active music maker.

Spurge: Linkin Park — “Faint”

This one’s from my middle school years. It’s one distinct song that I autonomously grew an emotional connection towards.

Noah: Fruit Bats - “The Ruminant Band”

When I was fifteen, my dad (who is a biology professor) was chaperoning a semester abroad in Australia and New Zealand, so I got to go along with my family and live there for a bit. I was just starting to get into indie rock around that time and was so infatuated with all of this new music I was hearing. The Fruit Bats were big for me at that time. I listened to this album probably over 100 times. I haven’t listened in a long time. It would probably get me all choked up.

Sabine: Sonic Youth - “Bull in the Heather”

I remember seeing the video for this song on MTV when I was about fourteen and from that moment on I wanted to be Kim Gordon.

Sabine: Death Cab For Cutie - “Sound of Settling”

This song. It's incredibly fun and melancholic at the same time, a bit like my teenage years.

Dom: No Doubt - “Just A Girl”

Gwen Stefani was my first teen crush. Besides Tank Girl obvs.

Dom: Buddy Rich — anything really

My Grandad was a pretty famous racing driver who lived in Miami when I was tiny and I remember he used to take me to jazz clubs around South Florida. That was my intro to watching drummers and loving music. I remember being small enough to sit comfortably in the passenger footwell of his car.


Barrie plays Burlington, VT with Full Walrus, DJ Svpply on Thursday, February 28th at Club Metronome for “Somebody Told Me: 2000s Indie Night”. Entry to the event is $5 [$8 for 18+] and proceeds benefit WRUV FM Burlington // RSVP to the event here.

- hope all is well