hope all is well presents:


Runaway brother AT The monkey house
WITH Full walrus, belly up
VENUE: the monkey house [30 Main St, Winooski, VT 05404]
AGES: 18+
DOORS: 8:00
SHOW: 8:30
CURFEW: 12:30

RSVP: bit.ly/2CkhmzK



“Outsider guitar pop” outfit Runaway Brother is smarter than your typical punk fare, too catchy for emo purists and not quite cool enough for the indie elite. Of course, that’s precisely why we love the Cleveland, OH quartet’s spiraling, ever-shifting songs and captivatingly ambitious arrangements.  Much like its critically-acclaimed 2015 debut full-length, Mother, New Pocket’s impeccable melodies, soaring harmonies and all-around killer writing chops are on full display.  However, the twelve tracks on Runaway Brother’s second LP have been given ample room to percolate and evolve organically as the band has spent the past few years experimenting, tweaking and ultimately refining its singular brand of unclassifiable pop music.

Recorded with Eric Cronstein (Delay, Saintseneca, The Sidekicks), New Pocket has all the trappings of a group that is supremely comfortable and confident in its craft. Dynamic mood shifts and playful, eccentric songwriting act as tentpoles for Runaway Brother but never weigh down the band’s seamless delivery or the record’s fluidity and knack for engaging the audience. It’s a true testament to Runaway Brother’s widening repertoire. Where Mother was more about inspiration pulled from the outside, New Pocket pulls from within. Lead singer Jacob Lee explains “It’s about the little anecdotes you have with the people that mean something to you. Some pants just need a new pocket, a little extra space to carry life’s weight.”




Full Walrus is an experimental blend of pop and noise.




In family photos the seasons of Vermont hang wholesome and idyllic. Frost's America invites you with it's small town hospitality, it's rolling green conifers. For its visitors, it is a calendar page or a Yankee candle. For it's residents, there is a loneliness; An empty belly that comes with the winter. During the long hibernation, an ever growing hunger. Belly Up explores the darker side of seemingly idyllic states, every song shaped and howling like an unrelenting winter wind. Though dark and oftentimes despondent, Belly Up captures the clarity and calm one may find after a loss and delivers it to the listener in a way that sounds like a Vermont winter feels; sometimes dark, sometimes light, always bracing.