Premiere: Sleeping In - "Wither"


Burlington shoegazers Sleeping In aren’t unfamiliar with change. Throughout the band's three years of existence they’ve adapted to multiple lineup changes and instrument variations. On their debut LP let you in [set for release on October 20th, 2017] Sleeping In return with a more focused, refined sound.

Sleeping In’s “wither” is a dreamy, fuzzed-out monument to seasonal depression — a subject that many people living in New England are all too familiar with. On top of airy guitars & rhythms, vocalist/guitarist Mason Dixon’s lyrics and vocal melodies arrive like sleep talk. We asked Dixon how the song came to be.

“New England winters can be pretty tough. Not only in the sense of how cold it gets, but for how long everything just stays dead for. We wrote this right as spring started to hit. It’s about waking up waiting for something to make you feel better, and realizing that you have to make yourself feel better. Being aware that the time of year affects your self-esteem and motivation, and trying to find different ways to cope.”

We’re excited to give you the first listen. Stream "wither" below.