Premiere: Lost Dog - "Sally"


Lost Dog are a quartet of friends that make unmistakably 90s-influenced indie rock. Their upcoming EP "Precious Stuff" is set to be released at the end of this month & despite their Massachusetts origins, the record sounds distinctly—yet ambiguously—west coast. Their sound borrows both the snarl & fuzz of Seattle's iconic grunge bands and elements of Pavement's sweet, nostalgic lo-fi.

The band's first single "Sally" kicks off with an overdriven guitar lead that careens it's way through the song, bouncing off of Katya Malison's soft-to-scrappy vocals. The song is an unfiltered look at Malison's experience with bulimia, using the name "Sally" as a pseudonym for a character who has a profound amount of control and discipline over their body.

It's a gutsy, straightforward rocker that is best exemplified as Malison's yelps: "Down the shower drain, there goes all the food I ate."

Listen to "Sally" below.

Lost Dog's Self-Titled debut is out 5/22.

They play at SideBar in Burlington, VT on Thursday, 5/31 with Fleece, LEAN.TEE, Grease Face & Wasteband. RSVP to the event here.