hope all is well presents:

Fog Lake
WITH trace mountains, bleach day
DATE: tuesday, june 4th
VENUE: the karma bird house [47 Maple street, burlington, vt]
AGES: aa
DOORS: 7:30
SHOW: 8:00
CURFEW: 11:00

TICKETS: bit.ly/foglakevt
RSVP: bit.ly/foglakefb



Aaron Powell (Born 1993) is better known by his lo-fi singer songwriter moniker Fog Lake where he creates music that’s been described as “a complex collage of nebulous angst and heartfelt nostalgia.” Born and raised on the island province of Newfoundland, Canada and in the small rural town of Glovertown (populated by only about 2000 people), Powell began recording drone music in his high school years before moving onto to more pop-oriented structures later in college, releasing his first album Farther Reaches in January of 2013 and Virgo Indigo in Feburary of 2014, the latter being released by Brooklyn based label Orchid Tapes. While seldom playing live or touring at this point, Powell began collaborating with other musicians to bring the project into a live band setting, touring the east coast of Canada multiple times, while also prolifically releasing records such as Victoria Park in 2015 and Dragonchaser in 2017. Since then he has toured with such acts as Foxing, Helena Deland and Hovvdy.

Today, Powell lives in Montreal, Quebec writing, recording and playing with his active band. His new full length release entitled Captain will be released on July 5th, 2018 via Montreal-based cassette label Stack Your Roster and on vinyl via UK based label Dog Knights Records.

“Harrowing nostalgia. Songs that were not created to glorify low places. Instead they explore the dark valleys where everything has settled and must be interpreted.” - Extreme Chalance




My name is Dave Benton and I write the songs for the band Trace Mountains. I was born in 1991, I’m from Ridgewood, New Jersey, and I currently reside in in New York City. Since 2009, I’ve released records in various groups, including some projects that are ongoing (LVL UP, Yours Are The Only Ears). Repeating the process of writing and recording music has become an emotionally stabilizing ritual in my life, and I have been very lucky to share that process over and over again with some of my best friends; many of whom I met at SUNY Purchase, a liberal arts college in NY state that I graduated from in 2013. The scene there was vibrant and welcoming to me, both facilitating and inspiring the collaborative work I made in that period and beyond.




Originally spurred from the home tape recordings of Vinny Marksohn and Louie Kiley, Bleach Day released their full-length debut, Where to Dream, in 2016. It's release was met with praise from blogs such as Buried Muse (now Idle House) and Earmilk. Seven Days called the album "...an eight-song sonic tapestry of analog whirrs, screwy samples and, at its core, beautiful, sun-bleached lo-fi pop."

Bleach Day is currently finishing a new LP while sporadically touring the US and Canada with their four piece band, having appeared at festivals such as POP Montreal and Waking Windows.