Entrance To Trains - "Thirty Days Without An Accident"

Photo by Brittain Shorter

Photo by Brittain Shorter

Entrance to Trains are a three-piece slack rock group formed in 2014 by twin brothers Evan & Alex Raine and bassist Remi Russin. In the years since their largely experimental debut Splitting The Loaf, the band has explored different sonic avenues and settled on a sound that is comfortable and airy. Later this month Entrance to Trains will release a new EP entitled "Thirty Days Without An Accident". It's a small collection of songs that deal with the process of overcoming life's hardships, simultaneously showing off the trio's newly refined direction.

Today we're sharing the EP's title track — a song that examines the anxieties & self-doubts that follow a breakup, using breezy, reverberated guitars as a backdrop. As you'd expect, these insecurities fade with time, a feeling that Alex Raine describes as "Kind of like becoming a human being again, kind of like coming out of the woods". The song is short & sweet, give it a listen below.

Thirty Days Without An Accident is out 4/27.

Entrance to Trains play at Big Heavy World in Burlington, VT on Saturday, 4/28 with Bat House, The Most & Gestalt. RSVP to the event here.