hope all is well presents:

bat house // the most AT big heavy world
WITH gestalt, entrance to trains
DATE: saturday, april 28Th
VENUE: big heavy world [404 Pine St, Burlington, Vermont 05401]
TICKETS: $5 donation
AGES: aa
DOORS: 6:30
SHOW: 7:00
CURFEW: 10:00

RSVP: bit.ly/2pSG7Op

[this event is part of a collaborative, all ages series meant to support the return of 242 Main]

Bat House Promo Fall 2017.JPG


Growing from the gritty and colorful world of Boston’s music scene, Bat House is a deeply bonded quartet of humans that happened to meet by chance. The music they create pushes the envelope, shifting in and out of its psych-rock core by playing with jazz, pop and electronic sounds. Meeting in Boston during their college years, Emmet (Los Angeles), Alexandra (Las Vegas), Shane (St Petersburg), & Pompy (Pittsburgh) all come from different corners of the United States, bringing very different life experiences to the creative process. The sounds they produce feel like a pleasant massage for your weary brain, challenging and perplexing while it mesmerizes. Witnessed live, the band’s all-encompassing performances scoop you up and transport you to an entirely different dimension, one in which you are just as locked into the hypnotizing grooves alongside every member of the band. 

Housing the band’s own creative development and recording endeavours, the basement of their shared abode became a bustling hub for live music by local and traveling performers in the city. When the time to tour, the band travelled on tours through North America, stopping by Audiotree, Daytrotter and SXSW, all while growing a devoted local fan-base in the city where the band members convened.




The most is an eclectic math rock band from Southington, Connecticut. Their sporadic style utilizes genre blending changes and innovative grooves to take listeners on a melodic journey. Their goal is to bring orchestration and technicality back to rock and roll in a new and refreshing way, while keeping in touch with the rawness of unbridled passion that lives at the heart of their punk rock roots.




Gestalt (ɡəˈSHtält): the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. Hard-hitting, anti-slacker, anti-apathetic, syncopated, unsyncopated, melodic, independent trio from Burlington, VT.  (Their debut album is currently in the works )




Entrance to Trains are an indie/ambient rock band from Burlington, VT with washed ambient guitar tones and driving rhythms.