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In 2017, The Le Sigh, an online community for writers and musicians who identify as female, trans, and nonbinary, shut down. In a music scene dominated by white dudes, The Le Sigh played a large role in giving female identifying and non binary artists a platform to reach new and larger audiences. It’s end signaled a loss for the community who’d held it so dear.

The Le Sigh’s closing was the force that brought Amy Garlesky and Abbie Jones together. After it closed, the two met irl to reminisce and reflect on how the online publication had impacted them. That’s when the gears started turning. Talking with the founder of TLS, Diana Cirullo, Garlesky and Jones decided to launch a new publication. “The three of us ended up agreeing that the best way for The Le Sigh to live on would be through a new platform — one that could expand upon TLS’ work but still have the original site’s support system behind us.” They launched Slumber Mag.

Both previous writers for TLS, Garlesky and Jones knew first hand the importance of making platforms accessible to artists and having a community dedicated to highlighting otherwise undervalued artists. “When large for-profit sites limit their number of reviews to x-amount per day, it raises the question, who are the individuals getting covered?” Explains Garlesky. “Further, who are the people who have that platform?” Independent publications like blogs and fan zines have historically highlighted artists unco-opted by media conglomerate run platforms. While DIY publications are heavily linked to the Riot grrrl movement, TLS was one of the first digital publications to create a platform specifically for non binary and female voices, making it accessible to anyone with internet access. It was diverse, inclusive, and it kicked ass. Slumber Mag plans on returning that voice to the community, and further amplifying it through community panels and workshops focused on ways to overcome barriers of marginalization in the music scene.

Photo by Dana Kim

Photo by Dana Kim

While it hasn’t begun publishing yet, Slumber Mag has already made some waves with its fundraising. First a show at Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right with a bill that included Greta Kline (of Frankie Cosmos/Lexie), Emily Yacina, Susie Derkins, Anna Altman, and Clara Joy. Next, a powerful Kickstarter that has already surpassed its goal of $4.5k. Along with their Kickstarter, they announced a stacked compilation titled “Slumber Mag VOl. I.” The 20-track compilation features new songs from up-and-coming and already-here artists, favored by indie critics across the web. “A lot of people on the tape joined because they felt connected to Slumber’s mission” said Garlesky, “a majority of those folks joined because they simply believed in the work that we’re doing and the magazine’s overall mission.”

Slumber Mag’s website will be unveiled later this year (the preview designs on the Kickstarter live up to Jones’ description of “zine/diaristic”). In the meantime, Garlesky and Jones are rebuilding and expanding a roster of writers and artists and working with Citrus City Records on distributing the compilation. Slumber Mag has stepped into the shoes of its predecessor and with the help from its community, is beginning to walk. “Abbie and I often say that this is the year of collaborating with angels and honestly, we have yet to be disproven.”

If you want to be an angel and support Slumber Mag, we’re throwing a party with our friends Clever Girls, Father Figuer, SHLEE , and La Rime to benefit Slumber Mag THIS Thursday at Club Metronome. More info on the show here.

If you want to support Slumber, but can’t make it to the show, donate here.

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