hope all is well presents:

Alfred. and shormey
with guthrie galileo
DATE: tuesday, july 16th
VENUE: mindyer manor
[email hopealliswellpresents@gmail.com for address]
DOORS: 7:00
SHOW: 7:30
CURFEW: 11:00

RSVP: bit.ly/alfredfb



Even with their unshaken resolve and dedicated work ethic, it's sometimes a challenge for Alfred. to feel like they are doing enough. Between other people’s expectations of them and the lofty goals they set for themself, sometimes the pressure can be almost too much to bear. Unfortunately, these circumstances can sometimes manifest into a consuming bitterness — an anger with the world at large and a disappointment for perhaps irrationally conceived personal shortcomings.

Despite this, Alfred. has simultaneously always maintained a genuine curiosity regarding other people. They cannot help but desire interaction and genuine connection with others. This contrast, between a disappointment in the state of the world and an undying belief in the humanity of all people serves as a central theme for LIKE YOU!! and can be heard throughout the project’s greatly contrasting sonic moods, textures, and styles.

Right now, Alfred. is optimistic. Things are changing for them, whether by choice or circumstance. Despite experiencing new challenges and routines that sometimes come with a steep learning curve, they are excited to face everything coming towards them and are similarly ready for the next step.




Shormey is the recording project of Virginia native Shormey Adumuah.

She frequently draws inspiration from the sonic influences of 70’s disco, soul, and psychedelic music. It’s all exemplified in The Boogie Tape Vol. 1, Shormey’s first cassette project released via Citrus City Records coming out May 10, 2019.

Staying true to the relaxed and carefree vibes of the tape, Shormey recorded the entire project within the confines of her bedroom. This tape is a testament to her desire to create music that doesn’t put any pressure on the listener to feel any one particular feeling, but to just enjoy it as an upbeat experience.




Guthrie Galileo is a Vermont-based producer and performer of alternative r&b music. It flows from the artist's strange sense of looking at the world, at times focused inwardly on the self and other times, trying to make sense of the world around. While songs may seem abstract and otherworldly, Galileo maintains close control by writing, producing, engineering and visually designing each bit of his content. Guthrie Galileo has independently released two albums, and a number of singles. His latest full-length "Modern Day Ripples" has been called "...a dazzling exercise in deftly constructed pop r&b." (Jordan Adams, Sevendays VT)